Saturday, October 24, 2009

My boring weekend.

Okay. I bought a new purse! :) finaaalllyyy. its really hard for me to find one bcos ive been too picky heh.

Anyways, I had a good week in Melaka. never felt better. I've adapt (sort of) with all the facts that are changing.

but last friday, i was too depressed to think so a bought a new pants and a purse :D in Dataran Pahlawan with my friends, syad, kirin and fikri before we drove back, *eh i mean Syad drove the car* to shah alam then sent Kirin to Taman Bahagia. I arrived at home around 2315pm. pheeew.

I never thought that he would actually asked whether ive eaten or not. U know what my answer was when he did. and so we ate somewhere in Uptown. We went out again today in the evening after I came back from the library, and he came back from playing futsal in PJ. Its been awhile since the last time we actually spent time together-

I should have sent my mum's car for service like weeks ago. I didnt get a chance to do so but i kept on forgetting. But finally ive sent the car to Eneos. and the car looks and feel much better.. Pick up pon dah ok skit. Bfore that, the aircond. fuck, something happened to the transistor and the aircond malfuntioned. bikin bingit je. but thank god. after calling fatah and bringing syad along to the 2nd workshop, the mechanic changed the transistor and now the car is cooooold again :)

Ohhh I love my lca picts. gonna upload it soon :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

He brightens up my day :)

His name is Tabby/Johnnet. I love Budin more but he died early this year, 3rd January 09

I learnt alot in life, although I'm only 19 -_-" I know that Im not supposed to think the way I think now, but.. it makes me feel better when I know things.

I didnt blog much because I was too busy hanging out with my so-not-called- boyfriend anymore.

Anyways, lets talk about the way I got into Uitm Melaka.

I was unexpectedly accepted in Uitm and it was horrifying for me. I know that it is a good thing studying here but staying away from home? Oh my, it was really hard for me to accept the fact that I can only be here on weekends. But its been one and half year now, everything seems fine. I'm actually trying to build a life here.. Getting more involve with people..

I don't really get involve with people because I don't want to deal them. Tired of pleasing people.. Of course I have to make friends but it takes a lot of time for me to actually be ok with them. yeah, i hang out with them, talk to them, share things with them but that doesn't mean that im their close friend.

About my love life, I thought that he was it- he won't hurt me as much as he did now. Never thought that he would feel this way. I always feel like crying when I think abt it and its not that I want to think abt it? :@

I'm not actually trying that hard to stay away from him. Im trying but i think I should try harder.. I will never accept the fact that I did this to myself.. *sigh*

Monday, June 15, 2009

been months since the last time i wrote,
anyways I finally gonna get a fisheye and my very own LCA :)

Monday, April 14, 2008


I bought a new MNG shirt yesterday and it is purrrdy :D
colored stripes. uuu. its damn nice okay :D

anyways, i have a few clothes that I dont wear and i was thinking of selling them? but i havent made out my mind yet.. but its better if i sell it rather than throwing it away? right?