Saturday, October 24, 2009

My boring weekend.

Okay. I bought a new purse! :) finaaalllyyy. its really hard for me to find one bcos ive been too picky heh.

Anyways, I had a good week in Melaka. never felt better. I've adapt (sort of) with all the facts that are changing.

but last friday, i was too depressed to think so a bought a new pants and a purse :D in Dataran Pahlawan with my friends, syad, kirin and fikri before we drove back, *eh i mean Syad drove the car* to shah alam then sent Kirin to Taman Bahagia. I arrived at home around 2315pm. pheeew.

I never thought that he would actually asked whether ive eaten or not. U know what my answer was when he did. and so we ate somewhere in Uptown. We went out again today in the evening after I came back from the library, and he came back from playing futsal in PJ. Its been awhile since the last time we actually spent time together-

I should have sent my mum's car for service like weeks ago. I didnt get a chance to do so but i kept on forgetting. But finally ive sent the car to Eneos. and the car looks and feel much better.. Pick up pon dah ok skit. Bfore that, the aircond. fuck, something happened to the transistor and the aircond malfuntioned. bikin bingit je. but thank god. after calling fatah and bringing syad along to the 2nd workshop, the mechanic changed the transistor and now the car is cooooold again :)

Ohhh I love my lca picts. gonna upload it soon :)

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